CBC Searchlight – Julian Bachlow – Round 2.

Hey everyone! Really good news…

Just an update and letting you know that my song “Family Ties” has made it into CBC’s Searchlight National Top 100 and now im in the 2nd round. This is awesome considering how many creative and interesting bands there are. From here, judges and the general population will determine the Top 10. All I can really do is continue what I have been doing and support CBC Music, CBC Searchlight, support my vote, support the artists and continue writing music! I was picked by the CBC Producers and did not get in because of the popular vote, just for your information! Will give you an update on March 7th whether I made the Top 10 list… I am excited! http://www.cbcmusic.ca/searchlight/3238

Thank you everyone who have been supporting me thus far!

Here is an artical written by Brad Pritchard:


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