CBC Searchlight – Julian Bachlow – Round 1.


Recently I have submitted my song “Family Ties” into the CBC Searchlight competition.

There are a couple articals written about my journey so far, here is one you can read if you are interested:


And another:


I need votes in order to go on into the 2nd round, you can vote everyday by clicking here!


Be sure to follow CBC Music for updates on Twitter @CBCMusic and Instagram @CBC_Music.

These are the prizes posted from their website:


A spot on the Allan Slaight Juno Master Class, Canada’s premiere talent development program. This includes a week in Toronto surrounded by the industry’s best, culminating in a live showcase. Then, it’s off to the 2019 Juno Awards to perform at JunoFest and take in all the Juno festivities, including the awards.
A week in Calgary doing a residency at the National Music Centre’s new building, Studio Bell, where you will be given access to more than 300 musical instruments, a recording studio and a recording engineer to create your next masterpiece.
A trip to Toronto to perform alongside Canada’s best artists in front of thousands of fans at the 2018 CBC Music Festival at Echo Beach on Saturday, May 26, 2018.

#Cbcmusic #Searchlight2018 #Music #Musician #Canada #CBC #Indie

I will update everyone on my progress!

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